Sunday, June 27, 2010

Would you say that if I was a woman? #2

While walking down upper Broadway today, I saw from a distance what looked like an elderly couple scolding a man standing on the sidewalk. Once I approached, I realized that the couple was reproaching him because his children, two girls about ages 3 and 4 give or take, had tripped over each other and fallen down, or something to that effect.

We passed him as the couple moved away and the girls were picking themselves off the ground while the father was saying to the couple "they'll be fine."

The guy was sort of standing there flabbergasted at the "attack", while waiting for the kids to get back to him. I said "no way they did that if you were mom." He laughed and said "Definitely."

Not too big a deal, but this was the first time I directly saw this happen out in public to another guy, which is why I was so taken aback by it. Say what you want about doing it for the kids, but it's none of your damn business.

Other dads, when has this happened to you? I have a feeling that this could become a recurring them on the blog. If you have any similar stories, please pass them along.

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